Fix Instagram STORY Views Not Showing problem

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Fix Instagram STORY Views Not Showing problem | Instagram Story insights problem Instagram Bug 2022

Whenever we are using Instagram, we are not able to see the views. while uploading the story or after uploading, so how can we bring the view option

we are going to see it in today’s blog, After the story is uploaded, Highlight option is visible and views option is not visible then how to see the option. we will see today.

Step 1: first delete your story and upload it again.

Step 2 : Go to your Instagram story ,3 dots is visible click on 3 dots, click on story setting option.

Step 3 : Click on the Hide Story From option and if you have clicked on a friend by mistake and that is why your story is being hidden by them, then you can unhide them by clicking on the friends so that your story will be visible to them.

Step 4 : Now come back, click on the close friend option and add more and more friends to close friends from your friend list so that the story of your close friend becomes maximum and then click on the done option.

View option is not visible on Instagram story , take a screenshot of it and follow the next steps

Step 5 : You need to go to your Instagram profile page and click on the 3 line on the top right corner, select the setting option, and then click on the help option.

Step 6 : Click on report problem, again click on report problem, now you will be redirected to the email, after coming to the mail, a screenshot will appear in front of you, remove it and add the screenshot that we had taken out of our problem. Explain our problem in text and then click on send option.

Instagram community will try to solve our problem and we should always keep checking that there is no any update of Instagram, if there is an update then get it updated every time.

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