How to Fix You Can’t Send Messages for 3 Days Instagram.

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How to Fix You Can’t Send Messages for 3 Days on Instagram Messenger | You can’t send messages

You are ‘unable to send the messages to your friends for 3 days’ what is this problem ?

It is a Warning Strike from the Instagram Community. If you are not following the community guidelines of the Instagram. Then you are facing this problem.

Why you are facing this problem “why you can’t send messages for 3 days to the another person ?” why does this problem occurs ?

Whenever you message to your friend. Or a person, while chatting, If the person gets irritated from your message.

You are sending any unwanted post/false information/any wrong message to the person. And you are receiving multiple reports on your messages. Then you are going to face this problem. This is the reason for this problem.

Does your Instagram account is going to delete permanently ?

You can also face this problem. By sending the multiple messages, videos, reels, images, posts, etc. to the persons. And also, If you are sending any sensitive content to any person.

Then also you are going to suffer from this problem. And if you are facing this problem again and again. Then your Instagram account can be delete permanently. This is clearly mentioned from the Instagram.

Let’s see more information about the problem.

Whenever, We click on the community guidelines on our Instagram. Then, we can see Instagram community guidelines in front of us. Instagram have told us about the problem. That, They have put a limit on our messages.

Which have been decided from the Instagram. Instagram had warned you to stop the the breaking of community guidelines. And if you are repeating this activity again and again then your Instagram account can be closed permanently by Instagram.

Let’s see how we can solve this problem.

Instagram have said to wait for 3 days. So, We want to wait for 3 days. If the problem still continues. & you are unable to send the messages. Then follow the next steps for solving the problem. ( Remove the screenshot of our problem which we are facing )

Step 1 : Open the Instagram Application on your device. Click on the Profile icon.

Step 2 : Click on the Three lines on the top right corner. Click on the the Settings option.

Step 3 : Click on the Help option. Click on the Report problem option. You will be redirected to the email.

Step 4 : Mention the problem through which we are facing (going through). Add the Screenshot, which we have removed of our problem.

For example ” Hey Instagram community, As you have said, I have waited for 3 days. But still, I am unable to send messages. Please tried to solve this problem. I promise you that, I will try not to break any guidelines given by you. Please try to solve my problem as soon as possible.”

Step 5 : After mentioning our problem & Adding screenshot. Click on the Send option. Send the mail.

As soon as Instagram community will see our mail. They will try to solve our problem. As soon as possible.

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