How to Unlock iPhone If Forgot Password

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How to Unlock iPhone If Forgot Password | Recover password of iPhone | 2023

How to Unlock iPhone If Forgot Password !

To keep our device secure, we keep a password on it, similarly if we keep a password on our iPhone and if we forget that password, then how to recover it and how to password, how to unlock your phone, all this in today’s blog has been given but while unlocking it, keep in mind that the all data that you have in your iPhone will go away, that means your will be made like new again, your data will be completely lost so please copy your data somewhere.

Step 1 : switch off your iPhone

Step 2 : press volume up/down and side button together at a time.

Step 3 : connect iPhone to the personal computer or a laptop

Step 4 : open the iCloud on your computer/laptop to restore the date of iPhone.

Step 5 : select restore from the backup menu and click on the continue option

Step 6 : in automatically backup select the iCloud option, In Manual backup and restore click on the restore backup option.

Step 7 : click on the restore from iPhone backup

after successfully restoring of data follow our next steps

Step 8 : open find my device application on any device. enter your email id and password

Step 9 : select the iPhone device and now click on the eraser iPhone data option.

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