Top 8 tricks for Wi-Fi

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Top 8 tricks for Wi-Fi Connect WiFi without Password * 8 Useful Tips & Tricks *

Top 8 tricks for Wi-Fi Connect WiFi without Password * 8 Useful Tips & Tricks * mh creator

Friends, everyone must know about WiFi and everyone would like to have WiFi in their house too. Today, I am going to tell you, Top 8 tricks for Wi-Fi. And some tips and tricks for WiFi. Which is beneficial for you, So see all the tricks and tips carefully.

1.Application to connect wifi

Many times it happens that our friends relatives come to our house. They connect to wifi, If you download an application from play store named router setup page. Then you can get password of any wifi and connect it. They Can do if it is not protected from the website.

2.Connect wifi without password

If you have two devices, connect one of these devices to WiFi. And you want the other device to also connect to WiFi. But you do not know the WiFi password. What to do, you have told in next steps.

Step 1 : open the Settings application of the device that was connected to WiFi

Step 2 ; Click on connection option. Click on WiFi option.

Step 3 : There is a setting option in front of Connected WiFi. Click on it & click on the QR code.

Step 4 : Open the setting of the device you want to connect to WiFi. And after going to the WiFi option. Click on the scan option above and scan the QR code.

3. Distribute network speed

Many times it happens that relatives and friends all come to our house. And everyone’s devices are connected to the same WiFi. If you want everyone to get some Fixed network speed. Then, Follow next steps.

Step 1 : Open the WiFi page. Click on the DHCP option.

Step 2 : Copy the IP address. Click on Band Which Control option.

Step 3 : Enable the option & Enter the IP address

Step 4 : Enter the speed you want to give to the device of that IP address. And click on the save option.

4.Security tips

Avoid doing any transaction. Whenever you are connected to a public WiFi. If you login to any social media account. It is easy for any hacker to take your transaction and social media caches through WiFi connection. Because, If you are on connection with both the devices. Then you can easily do what you can do in your bank account or social media.

5.Increase speed

If you are uploading and downloading anything and its speed is low. Then first of all restart your router. And still the problem is not solved. Then follow next steps.

Step 1 : open your wifi web page. Click on Firmware upgrade

Step 2 : Go to Google & search by entering the model and latest firmware of your router. Click on the first link.

Step 3 : Download the latest firmware & return to our WiFi webpage.

Step 4 : After coming back to firmware upgrade click on browser option. And upload the file which we downloaded & now click on upgrade option.

7. 5GHZ

Whenever you buy a WiFi router. Always keep this in mind. Router should be more than 5GHZ. So that, You can get the past and good quality of internet connection.

8.Wifi Mesh

If there will be most of rooms in your house. And you are not getting the WiFi network right. Then You have an option. To buy a product called WiFi Mesh.

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